Instruments to create
and circulation of Private Currency
Financial instrument for the work of the Company Attracting investments for business expansion
Investment instrument
  • Reasonable emission
  • Stable growth
  • Liquidity
Payment instrument
  • Secured payments
  • Invoicing
  • Mass payments
  • Expand your business.
  • Get new customers.


1 VTP = 0.0603 USD

1 GRO = 0.00073 USD

1 Н.ГР. = 0.03571 USD

1 БЛАГО = 0.125 USD

1 ENERGO = 17.8572 USD

Private Currency Stability

The platform changes the concept of the cryptocurrency market. Instead of unjustified speculative prices on the exchanges, there is a rate of token based on an audit, based on which there is an assets.

The platform combines the benefits of cryptoactive assets and traditional financial instruments. Legal justification and standard procedures adopted at the international level for Private Currency.
Providing an asset audit service for the Company when planning token issuance. Economics and token emission.
The ability to join already issued tokens.
Advantages of the Platform
Fast and secure transfer of tokens
Mass transactions
User verification
Transactions with the protection
Invoicing for payment
Development plans
1. Open the possibility to a wide range of “real economy” enterprises to use all the advantages of the “digital economy”.
2. Development of financial products to provide new investment tools.
3. Providing Investors with tools that protect investments.
4. Full document flow of all transactions. The use of these documents in the company's accounting.